Are you being called to go on a quest, to be of service and work from your heart?

You’ll know it if you are. The call is undeniable.

It keeps you awake at night when the world has gone quiet and instead of sleeping, your spirit calls you to focus your mind on this higher path for you.

You know you were destined for more. You know you have more to offer.

What’s stopping you?”, whispers your heart…

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” – Rumi

Get unstuck and gain confidence with your world-changing work

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I know what it’s like to have that calling echo around and around in your mind and heart all day. It happened to me for YEARS before I knew what it meant and what I was supposed to do.

All I knew was that I wanted to work with people in a deeply connected way, helping empower and raise them up to realise their full potential that I saw in them.

I couldn’t help it; even if I met people for the first time, I could see the light behind their eyes, I could hear the words behind their words and their yearning to discover and live out their life mission. Many times I would understand that there was something even greater for them than even their dreams showed them.

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Time and time again I would experience a desperate urge to tell these people how I totally believed in them. This was not to be ‘nice’ or to make them smile, but it was because the words blurted out of my mouth – I FELT their potential! It radiated from their being.

At the time I was immersed in a career job that was not quite in alignment with this calling. I was helping others, but with their businesses of all sizes. I could help the individuals within those businesses only so far, and after that it was only helping the businesses achieve their sales targets and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED that work. After all, it began from the same place within me that craved connection with others, except it was expressed via work as a marketer and web developer, not directly with others from heart-to-heart.

If this work is a calling from the heart, why, then, can it be such a challenge to heed that calling?

Because, it’s personal. It is personal to you.

This ‘work’ that you’re being called to do is not ‘work’ to you at all, but an expression of the whole you.

The chances are, you’ve never experienced this kind of way of living before. You are being called to be truly seen, and deeper than skin deep.

Plus, almost everyone who has a calling such as this does so because they have experienced what life was like WITHOUT the gifts that this work would give the world. YOU have experienced the hardships without the support you want to offer others. YOU have struggled without the resources that you’re being sparked into action to create.

The sad irony is, the fact that you were the answer to these problems and challenges you faced, you may not realise just how rare and valuable your work is. You might think everyone can do it, but that would be wrong.

Things like this can keep you from taking action and keep you acting small, thinking that you’re not ready, when your soul is practically shouting at you to hurry up already!

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know you can do this

Everything I write here is from experience. I kept myself quiet and hidden for absolutely ages before I took action on my calling. I tried changing jobs, ways of working, moved cities… all in a bid to find the path that my heart was asking me to walk.

I was also burdened by fears.

Fears of being seen, fears of what ‘they’ would say, fears that noone would would appreciate what I wanted to offer…

The fears and beliefs that limited my vision and myself seemed endless.

Until, I found someone who helped me release them. I trained in the healing techniques that help fears and limiting beliefs be released within minutes. I became a practitioner in tools that helped me the most.

I would love to chat with you and hear about your calling! If you’d like to ‘meet’ me on a video call I would love to share whatever I can that could help you move forward. The world needs the unique gifts you have to offer!

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