Turn mistakes into love


Yesterday on the mat these words just kept echoing over and over again.

Turn mistakes into love.

For the last month or two I’ve begun a new type of spiritual yoga practice. I’ve basically been answering my own calling to go deeper into philosophies, to find my own spiritual practice that grounds me and helps me begin my days with a learning and curiosity-type of approach to life.

One of the books I keep coming back to over and over again is called The Yamas & Niyamas* and it’s by Deborah Adele.

At the back of the book she gives a brief comparison of how, here in the west, we are used to seeing mistakes as BAD. Whereas in the east, especially in the ancient philosophies, mistakes are seen as LIVING.

That got me thinking about how I used to be crippled with perfectionism, especially during my teens and twenties. I’m still going deeper in undoing the beliefs that supported those behaviours. Lately I’ve been wanting to take action and get to a place where I am worrying EVEN LESS about what the outcome is. Let go of needing reassurance that it’ll work.

Instead, like what I’m aiming for in my physical yoga practice, I want to take action but be curious about how things ACTUALLY pan out.

Life has this way of teaching us as we go along. We’re really not here to accumulate things.

I think one of the best gifts we can give ourselves and each other is the ability to see a mistake as an opportunity. Turn it into ‘love’. Perhaps that means forgiving yourself or another person. Maybe that means honouring your disappointment and nurturing yourself to try again. Maybe it means seeing how it’s time to try something different. Maybe it’s simply time to let it go, whatever it is.

Your heart knows. 💓

Mistakes mean you’re trying. They mean you’re living! They are unavoidable. But what IS avoidable is an attitude towards them which can bring you down or keep you trapped. That is optional!

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