Take responsibility. Say yes FULLY.

Take responsibility for your experiences. Show up FULLY.

SOMEtimes my mindset editing techniques are a little less…. comfortable! Just done some work on myself and just given myself a royal kick up the backside. OUCH! My ego hurts! But it was EXACTLY what I needed…

My lesson?

When tackling an issue just now I was reminded that only *I* am responsible for my experiences.

👉 First, learn when to say yes and when to say no… I am allowed to choose and speak up.
👉 Secondly, when I say yes… SHOW UP fully. Just because I’m there physically doesn’t mean I am automatically there in any other way. Say yes in every way, even if I’m saying yes to challenges that might push me out of my comfort zone.

If I don’t say yes fully, I was shown that I am likely to start to use language that creates an even MORE challenging experience for myself. In fact, I can even re-create old fears that I’ve cleared in the past simply by acting in the same way as before.

The message was loud and clear: take responsibility!

Step into your power. You are allowed! You have a choice.

And this completes the second episode of #reasonsIdomywork

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