Stay open…

Let’s talk yoga and the energy centres of the body for a moment: chakras.

Did you know you can open and close chakras?

Did you know that it’s not only normal to close them when feeling threatened, but that you can actually get stuck and keep them closed even after a threat has passed?

ChakrasWell, the great news is that you can open them whenever you want. It might take a little help at first if you’re not used to it, but it’s possible.

It’s also possible to keep these beautiful energy centres open, like the heart, even WHILE going through challenging times.

The root chakra is a common one to close up due to the fight/flight response as it is where your deep seated fears reside can affect your feelings of security, stability and groundedness.

It doesn’t need to be that way, though.

I’m exploring how I close my first 3 chakras – root, sacral and solar plexus – when under stress. I’ve noticed it’s a habit to close them faster than lightning. While this is a natural response that we learn due to growing up in the cultures/environments most of us have experienced, it is actually MORE beneficial to keep these energy centres open.

This does NOT mean you act the fool or are constantly vulnerable. It’s the opposite.

This means you open up to allow MORE energy into those chakras, opening up to feelings of energy and stability coming in despite the challenges.

I’ve noticed I’m great at keeping my heart open constantly, perhaps thanks to my yoga practice so far, but by closing my first 3 chakras, it’s like choking myself. My upper chakras do the best they can but I become top heavy. I feel unstable, heavy, tired. The upper chakras work overtime to compensate but this can never rebalance me for long; nothing can substitute a strong foundation.

So, I’m working on allowing myself to feel stable, secure, grounded (starting with the root chakra) when I experience challenges. Energy is infinite and staying open is key. Closing is like chopping a tree at its roots: it falls and the upper branches eventually wither and die without the nutrition from the roots.

If you cannot stay open, consider working through the fears that are stopping you and causing you anxiety using a modality if your choice. Make it a deliberate effort. Naturally, I’d recommend a mindset editing session with me, but more important is that you choose the method that is calling you.

Stay open to life’s infinite energy source; only you can shut it off.

Stay open to the miracles. 🌸 They’re everywhere and waiting to be found! 💫

Please don’t shut down. The world needs you. 💓

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