How knowing that you are loved changes everything

Self love

Baby steps. A self-love revolution doesn’t often happen overnight. Loving ourselves can be HARD. However… infinitely worthwhile. We can’t imagine the value of it until we TRY.

I’m speaking of my own experience. Yesterday was a big up-level for me in terms of self love. I spent quite a bit of time alone yesterday, especially because my man was out. As soon as I had the house to myself the inner thoughts started kicking in. By ‘kicking in’ I mean kicking my butt 😜 yeouch! But really, really early on in the day I decided to CHANGE that.

As I got up I was the passive observer, listening to what thoughts I was creating. “I should do this”, “I haven’t done that”, “I’m not good enough / worthy”… you know the way it goes.

Next I witnessed how it changed my behaviours. I was impatient with my body, didn’t give myself time to think, let alone eat. I saw how I had a whole day laid out ahead of me… BEAUtiful things planned… yet I was choosing to make it all a chore.

THEN… I decided to stop all that and switch. Right then. Immediately.

I started telling myself silently “I accept myself”. Started reminding myself of my love for myself.

I took it up a level and sent myself reiki. Using whichever symbols I felt I needed. I added in everyone in the world as a recipient… so I wasn’t just sending love to myself but to EVERY person on the planet. Reminded myself of how we are ALL worthy of love, always, no matter what.

My thoughts began to slow. I felt a warm glow within. Peace. 🕊

It didn’t matter how much I had got done, will get done or anything else… all is well. I’m loved. I love.

Later there were some minor hiccups to my plan for the day BUT I was able to change my experience from suffering through it to LOVING the chance to practice what I preach. The day ended beautifully. My man came home from his trip and I was able to share the magic of my day with him. Now, I’m able to share it with you ✨

It starts with you. You are ALWAYS loved. Take action knowing this is true whenever you can and watch it change your day.

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