Free yourself from the paralysing effects of chronic loneliness

“The cure for pain is in the pain.” – Rumi.

What is your loneliness trying to tell you?

Did you know…

  • Loneliness negatively impacts the immune system and may leave sufferers open to viral and other invaders [Information from study by John Cacciopo, University of Chicago social psychologist. Read more]
  • I am feeling so lonely. Can I die from it? Yes.[Source: Forbes]

Hi, I’m Joanna. I’m passionate about helping women and men who are struggling with and suffering under the weight of persistent loneliness.

I help people like you uncover the messages hidden inside your pain of loneliness – messages that are waiting to help you thrive and connect deeply with all life again and take action that satiates the soul and rekindles love for life, people, nature, and even the ups and downs.

Why? For years I kept my deep, shame-filled pain of loneliness a secret. Not just from others around me but from myself, too.

I feel like I’m living a fake life, happy on the outside, but desperately alone on the inside. I feel I have to look like I’m okay, not just for others, but for myself too. If I admit I have this gaping hole inside me I’ll crumble. I can’t afford to stop now. This loneliness might consume and destroy everything. Noone can know. Noone will understand.” -Joanna

I refused to look into it. It haunted me. It felt like a black hole and stopping to look into it might suck me in deeper. I was terrified of nights home alone or holiday seasons – times when it seemed like everyone else was happy, relaxed and worry-free. It was then that I felt like I was left alone with my deepest fears, longings, and a hole in my heart.

Finally, I stopped trying to ignore it. Stopped struggling. I looked directly into the eyes of my pain of loneliness and the impact it was having on myself and my life.

That’s when I began to understand.

And THAT’s when things started to change.

I started to see AND hear that my loneliness had a series of messages for me from deep inside my intuition that I had been blocking.

It took a lot of courage to look into that gaping hole in my life that I’d carried around and allowed to grow and deepen for so long. But I finally realised the TRUTH about it when I did:

Listen to your heart
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  • Loneliness is NOT a sign of something wrong with you; it’s an encoded message about how to connect deeper with your life and make adjustments to be more in alignment with your soul’s calling than ever before.
  • Loneliness can happen at any time, even among crowds, and with people you know. Therefore, it is not necessarily related to external circumstances, but related to internal ones. There’s a disconnection or rejection of a piece of ourselves that we are longing to find and connect with once more, but the journey to do so is an unknown one that brings with it unknown challenges.

Our fight/flight response can tell us that it’s unsafe to address this pain of loneliness within. It tells us that we have NO IDEA how great the risks could be. The only reasoning it has for that is that when it comes to making changes, going on a journey or doing something new, we can only measure what we will lose, not what we will gain because they are all unknowns. However, the price of staying the same gets greater and greater every day to the point it would be mad not to DO something.

Don’t get trapped into thinking that you’re comfortable; you’re missing out on some of the greatest treasures of life itself by ignoring this calling.

Plus YOU have treasures that others are waiting for when you connect with them.

So, what can you do?

You can either work through it alone, or you can take the courageous leap to realise that it’s okay to ask for help and support. If you work with me, you will know that you’re receiving support from someone who has taken this path before, knows how hard it can be and can guide you through it, with the end goal of helping YOU to help yourself.

Not only that, but I also have access to tools that can help you release stress or tension related to your loneliness that might be keeping you stuck within minutes to free you so you can see what your fight/flight response might have been preventing you from accessing due to fear. While loneliness is not purely mindset based, it does take courage to make the changes and take action to embrace life in the ways your subconscious is asking you to. You do NOT have to do it scared, though; with me, you can take calm, confident steps forward to claim the life you deserve when you are ready.

If you’re interested in working with me, most people start by booking in for a free call with me to meet me – you can use the link below. This way we can meet and chat openly about what you’re experiencing and I can talk you through what I can offer that may help you. This way you can bring any questions you may have and see if you’d like to work with me.


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“At its most extreme, loneliness can increase the risk of premature death by 50%. That’s about the same as living with chronic obesity.” [Source: Huffington Post]