Dance. With all the paradoxes of life.

Dance. With all the paradoxes of life.

Made huge leaps forward today in learning how to love myself. The relationship with ourselves is the first and most important relationship we have in my opinion. We can choose to accept ourselves or not, support ourselves or not, help ourselves thrive and feel joy… or not. What we choose influences what we allow ourselves to experience in the world.

So, today I remembered where I came from (love and dust) and where I am headed (love and dust). I remembered who I was (something intangible, unrelated to ego, social media profiles or accolades). I remembered that the best way to love someone else is to BE myself.

For a little while I veered off the path. I was determined to bust down any walls or perceived blocks to allowing love to come in from any (healthy!) directions. What I didn’t realise is that in my determined state I started busting down my own foundations. I was trying to reduce my ‘me’-ness so that I could accept more of others into my life. Except, that’s not how it works and those foundations help me to function and LIVE in fundamental ways.

To put it figuratively, I wanted to reduce my footprint so that the people around me could have more space to stand and exist in my life. However, the only way to reduce your footprint is perhaps to remove a foot… fine until you lose balance!

So I’m remembering – and accepting – that I have a footprint. I’m learning what that means and that it’s part of being human. I still feel a little awkward about it all and yet I’m recognising that this is a lifelong process. It’s a dance. Our boundaries and footprints change and shift all the time as we dance with others in our lives. The more we practise, though, the easier it gets. When we resist, we may be left on the sidelines. When we go with the flow we create something magical, far beyond the dance itself. It becomes less about us as a single person and ALL about us as people together, as one, in this dance called life.

Dance. With all the paradoxes of life.

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