What clients say


Katie“Sometimes you don’t know why…. but when you need help some inner calling shows you the way to someone that can help you. No matter how hard you’ve tried to do it yourself, you know there’s something deeper that you can’t do on your own. Joanna was my saving grace at a time of crisis. I had everything crashing down around me, money….. relationships….health, you name it…. It felt such a heavy burden and I quite frankly I’d had enough of it all. A session with Joanna and I felt relief. I can’t tell you how much I’d have paid for just that feeling of relief.

Within 24 hours I had a new client come through a pay me double of what normally charge. They OFFERED that price.

I had a strength start to appear that I hadn’t expected within myself. In fact I hadn’t known what to expect but wow it was powerful. I had a second session with Joanna to concentrate on my relationship… she was spot on with stuff that needed to be edited. I couldn’t have picked it better.

The day after the second session was immense. I woke up a NEW person! I had energy, I had love for myself, I had money flowing in.

If I’m totally honest I was a sceptic at how this could help me…… but her gentleness and reassurance is nothing that I’ve ever experienced before.

Everyone needs a dose of Joanna. She is amazing at what she does and having a session with her will truly change things for you in such a positive way that you’ll be truly grateful you gave yourself the gift.

I’m forever grateful that I listened to the whisper that said I needed to call Joanna. My wish is that everyone will listen to that little whisper too when they need help, it’s a prescription like no other!

Thank you Joanna for the beautiful soul that you are, you were born to do this work! x”

– Katie Young


Lina“I have done quite a lot of personal development work and energy work before and I know myself and my desires very well, but there was always something stopping me from achieving my biggest, boldest dreams.

Since my session with Joanna I feel this shift I can’t even explain- I suddenly know what’s right for me and I just do things that I always wanted to do.

In a week after the session, I signed up for two courses/education to change my career that I always wanted to take, but felt not good enough or not ready yet to take the leap. I also suddenly (and easily) convinced my husband to move abroad to travel long-term travel and work remotely! I would say she’s quite a magician 😉 ”

– Lina Skukauskė


Anke“After only one session with Joanna I noticed a big difference! I was in the process of buying a new home, so a bit of anxiety about this big step came up. Days before I felt that I was unrestful when I woke up.

The morning after the session I noticed the big change of our session together. I was much more calm, it was such a difference that I was stunned by it.

Joanna has a way of making you feel very safe during a session. She is very calm, works very focused and leaves enough room for questions. I am so thankful for this experience, Joanna!”

– Anke Melis


Antonina“It’s been 3 days since my season with Joanna and I am delighted and pleasantly surprised with the breakthroughs that occurred since. I’ve done plenty of energy work before, so I know it’s a gentle process that slowly unravel blocks in your body.

With Energy Editing™, results came quick and sometimes in the most hilarious manner. I had some delightful “side effects” too which just goes to show how deep this work really is.

I want to add that Joanna is a wonderful Practicioner who tenderly holds space for you, which makes this process one of co-creation.

If you been giving some thought about working with Joanna on Energy Editing™ consider this a sign! Book now!

– Antonina Andreeva, Coaching for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, www.thecoachinista.com


Elina“With Joanna Butler’s gentle & loving yet powerful energy editing sessions I’ve been able to shift my thoughts about money and work.

Our first session started a series of life changes in my life that unfolded naturally and beautifully without any pushing or anxiety.

I’ve even changed my diet to serve my goals and gained clarity on many levels of my life and business. Life feels great and flowing and I warmly recommend Joanna’s Energy Editing™ sessions for anyone who wants their life to change in a way that feels directed from the core of their being.”

– Elina Puohiniemi


Avdeep“Joanna is such a warm and kind-hearted person, who instantly makes you feel at ease! In my work with her, she listened deeply and understood exactly what guidance I needed in order to move forward in my business. She recognized my gifts and in turn helped me become more aware of what I have to offer.

She provided powerful guidance, which was exactly what I needed in order to personally shift and grow. She also offered practical suggestions on steps to take to find my ideal clients and be more visible. I left my session with her feeling so inspired to take action on things I had been procrastinating on!

Thank you Joanna! You are a beautiful soul with a gift to share in this world.”

– Avdeep Bahra, avdeepbahra.com


Alice“I had a great experience working with Joanna on a new project idea and how to move it forward. She quickly had an intuitive sense of my brand, offerings and my energy that was spot on. We had a lively and meaningful conversation where she offered thoughtful questions, insights and considerations. I loved her positive spirit and philosophy of abundance.

What a great asset to have her as a support resource for my own continued growth and the growth of my business.”

– Alice Dommert, Wholebeing Architect and CEO, Prasada, www.prasadawholebeing.com


Hayley“I had a marketing chat with Joanna regarding a new direction I am taking my business in and wanted some clarity as how to reach the client’s that I want to help. During my hour with Joanna we explored a number of different aspects that I had not previously concerned and consolidated ideas that I already had. Joanna is contagiously enthusiastic and passionate, offering practical and professional ideas, as well as volunteering personal experiences which put the advice into context. A fabulous and beneficial hour spent. I am looking forward to working with Joanna again.”

– Hayley Eleanor Smith, Personal Stylist and Image Consultant, www.hayleyeleanor.com


Avdeep“Joanna has a kind and gentle approach. She is very intuitive and uses her gift to help clients in the best way possible. She is so comfortable and skilled at using the Energy Editing System™. She made me feel at such ease during my session with her. Her desire to help others truly comes from her heart.”

– Avdeep Bahra, avdeepbahra.com


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