About me

In a nutshell: I connect people. Back to themselves.

To me, it’s simple:

Life is a journey designed to help us come back to our true nature, cultivating quality connection with who we truly are, our world, and our heart’s calling.

This connection with self, the world and our work describes the three areas I help clients with today:

  • Connection with self and our world: Freedom from loneliness and deep support in identifying and nurturing a world where you feel connected once again and know how to manage future pangs of disconnection in a way that harnesses the infinite rewards of listening to the messages it has to give.
  • Connection with our heart’s calling: Embracing your heart’s calling via meaningful work (via employment, self employment or a hobby – it doesn’t matter) and cultivating genuine connections with the people you serve in a way that enhances the gifts you have to give, benefiting both parties.

Why? I’ve experienced disconnection in significant ways.

Loneliness took me on a path to self destruction that resulted in chronic illness. It also affected my ability to connect with my heart’s calling, so I lost my way in work, too, which was the most important thing to me since I’ve always felt I have a strong purpose to serve others in this world. So I know how hard it can be to lose connection with what you love and feel utterly empty, lost and in darkness.

When I started to come back to my self, I remembered once more that my passion has always been CONNECTION. Specifically, quality connection.

That’s how I got into the marketing and business world – by being passionate about connecting deeply and meaningfully with others online. This meant I was driven as a teenager (back in the late 90s! Eek!) to learn how to design and hand code websites, and then embrace social media. The benefits were that I had friends across countries and continents, then later, my use of social media rewarded me with job offers, contracts, speaking gigs, friends in person for life, a place to live… and so much more!

Now, I help others reconnect with themselves and their world and heal their chronic loneliness (before it gets to the extremes that I experienced), AND I help aspiring new business owners and existing entrepreneurs in maintaining their connection with their heart’s calling and also connect deeply and meaningfully with those they are being called to serve.


Yoga Teacher Training: my graduation ceremony

Along the way back to myself I found yoga, which is an incredible practice to help with re-connection in the ways mentioned above. I’ve since trained as a yoga teacher and now offer additional optional practical support via the wisdom-packed philosophies in my sessions with clients. Yoga is not a religion, but is an ancient way of learning how to live a rewarding and healthy life for YOU.

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