What’s stopping you?

Hi, I’m Joanna and I help people find the inner balance they need to thrive while doing the world-changing, heart-led work they are being called to do.

I use powerful tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, or ‘tapping’) and other energy psychology tools (Matrix Reimprinting, Energy Editing), yoga philosophies and my gift for creating safe, healing spaces to assist my clients in letting go of stress, anxieties and fears and undergo incredible growth, connecting with their true nature, their passions and their heart’s calling. Client sessions are held via 1-to-1 online video calls.

Overcome your fears of failing, smash through limiting beliefs and change the world with your unique gifts now:


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“The day after the second session was immense. I woke up a NEW person! I had energy, I had love for myself, I had money flowing in.”


About Joanna

I believe each person has a unique set of gifts that the world needs, and that they share these gifts the best when they are happy, healthy, and able to tap into peace and a source of self confidence within. This is what I specialise in helping to cultivate.

The world needs you and your gifts! Helping yourself is as much for you as it is for the people around you who will benefit HUGELY from knowing you and the unique essence you bring to the world.



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“…there was always something stopping me from achieving my biggest, boldest dreams.
Since my session with Joanna I feel this shift I can’t even explain- I suddenly know what’s right for me and I just do things that I always wanted to do…”
-Client testimonial from Lina Skukauskė


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